Saturday, January 17, 2009

We're Back, By Popular Demand!

Happy 6-month Birthday to Aaron!

All right, so it was actually on the 11th, but when am I ever on time with birthdays?

I have to say, so far I don't like 6 months. Aaron hasn't been sleeping too well; there have been several nights--actually, it was almost every night--the last two weeks that he woke up every single hour. That is noooo good. I think it's been due to some kind of stomach virus and then later from the vaccinations he got. And now from...who knows.

But on to what we've all been waiting for: the stats.

Height: 28 1/2 inches; 96 percentile
Weight: 17 1/2 pounds; 50 percentile
Head: 17.4 inches; 61 percentile

Aaron isn't really a big eater, and his weight percentile has actually been going down a little. So basically all his food is going into height and head. 

He's kind of starting to sit up, but not very well:

As for crawling, well, it could be a while. For a while every time I tried to get his knees under him during tummy time he'd just face plant and laugh. He's doing a little better now; he doesn't stay in "crawling position," but he doesn't laugh anymore.  And if I lift him up a little he goes on his hands and knees, but not supporting any weight. In other words, if we lived in zero gravity, he'd totally be...almost crawling.
I was going to put up some recent pictures of The Boy, but Blogger is being stupid. So here's  a little video. Aaron got some blocks from Grandma Hart for Christmas, and he loves to chomp on them. He really goes to town; afterwards there are puddles of slobber on the block and Aaron's shirt is completely soaked. It also makes a funny little squeaky sound, which you may or may not be able to hear. (Please ignore my voice...I have the absolute worst baby talk voice.)