Monday, August 24, 2009

Aaron's New Game

Recently Aaron has become much more mobile. He's begun crawling up on his hands (or, more often, forearms) and knees, and is really getting quick.

He has his rounds he likes to make around the living room; he starts over by the computers, where we plop him down. He heads over to the cedar chest to play with the drawer and pull out all of its contents; then it's off to the scratching post to, well, scratch at it and play with the little springy ball on top. Then he heads down to the air vent, sometimes squealing if the air happens to be going. Then he hits the CDs. That's his new favorite place to play.

For a while, he would just pull every single CD he could reach off the shelf and drop it on the floor, then get frustrated that he was sitting in a pile of CDs and start kicking his legs.

So I taught him a new, much tidier trick--pull the CDs out just a little, then push them back in. He loves doing that now, and is very proud of himself each time he does it (though he'll occasionally pull one all the way out and drop it on the floor to get my attention).

Ahh, much better. Now to teach him to put is laundry away...