Sunday, December 13, 2009

Aaron Catch-Up

Aaron has been busy the last two months! He:

Chased kitties (this is Black Kitty at Grandpa Cliff's; he also loves to chase our kitty Leia),

Played with cousins,

Said goodbye to Great Grandpa Shaw,

Started pulling up and cruising around the furniture,

Helped wash dishes (he loves to hand you the silverware to put away),

Dressed up as a monkey and went trick-or-treating with Vampire Mommy,

Played in the leaves,

And made a big tissue mess (we were sitting on the couch and didn't notice that he had discovered the box of tissues until it was too late...).

He's also learned lots of new tricks, like fist-bumping Mommy, pointing to body parts (hair, nose, mouth, eyes, belly), making animal sounds (meow, arf arf, buzz, moo), and saying words (hi, ball, bear, plop, apple). And, of course, he still excels at being so cute.