Saturday, March 21, 2009

Kitty Drama

We've been adopted by a new kitty. Gray Kitty showed up sometime around Christmas and hasn't left. At least not for more than a day or two. As stray kitties go he's actually pretty nice. He comes, eats Leia's food, lounges in Leia's spots, and generally acts like he lives here. He even tries to be friends with Leia.

Leia, however, has no desire for kitty friends. She seems to tolerate Gray Kitty, unless he gets too close to her (although I did catch them bumping noses once, without any hissing from Leia). 

The development of their relationship has been funny to watch. At first Leia would stay as far away as possible from Gray Kitty. And Gray Kitty would keep trying to get closer to Leia. Sometimes we'd hear Gray Kitty meowing (he has a very distinct meow) on the back porch. We'd look out the window and see him meowing at Leia, who was warily huddled in a corner. We'd open the door and Leia would come running in. A couple seconds later we'd hear Gray Kitty meowing again, only now he's sniffing around the spot where Leia was, then meowing at the door. 

We usually put Leia in the garage at night, and one or twice we've accidently locked her in there with Gray Kitty all night. We'd go out in the morning and find Gray Kitty nonchalantly lying in one of Leia's usual spots and Leia scrunched up as close to the door as possible meowing like crazy.

Now they frequently nap in parallel on the back porch. This is a huge social step for Leia, who usually runs away from any strange animal. This may be the closest she'll ever get to being friends with another kitty.

It seems like every day there is a new chapter in the kitty drama. And we laugh and laugh.

The Latest Goings On

First of all...spring is finally here! These are the first daffodils that have blossomed in the yard:

Aaron has been loving the nice weather. We go outside and play on a blanket in the shade almost every day now. He likes it, and I think it helps him sleep better. Woohoo! Here he is on St. Patrick's Day

When he's not playing outside these days, he likes to play in his jumeroo

or veg in front of the TV with Mommy and Daddy.

Ah, our little couch potato-in-training. We're teaching him well.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

More Aaron

So, it's been another while since we have posted about Aaron. He is getting so big. I'll skip the small talk since it's late and just post some pictures and videos.

These are his crazy and tired wiggles. He starts forcing the laughing when he is tired. Don't worry, a nap soon followed this video.

Here he is just before bed with Jo. My two cute babies.

This is the same night as the picture above. He had a haircut the day before.