Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Updates and Pictures

Hey, remember how we had those two cute little boys? Turns out they're still roaming around.

Aaron has been talking a lot more; some of his latest catch phrases include "Whoa, Baby Sean, Whoa!" and "No no kitty." He is also becoming a great big brother; he likes to give Sean hugs and kisses and soft pats (that is, when he's not trying to kick him or steal his toys).

Sean is crawling and pulling up on everything. He also loves to climb; sometimes he makes it half way up the stairs before we can catch him (or at least get over to him to make sure he doesn't fall). He also loves to bang his head on the floor and on doors...

And that concludes the update portion of tonight's post. Now on to the pictures!

Aaron and Sean playing "Hats."
(I know it's sideways, but I was too lazy to rotate it. Just turn your head. Or pretend like it's artistic or something.)

Sean "helping" with the dishes.
(Sean was not helping with the dishes.)

The Mark of Sean

New sunglasses! Thanks Grandma Elaine!

Playing outside in the grass, sampling delicious dirt clods from when the lawn was aerated.