Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Baby Sean!

Alex already posted the stats on little Sean, so here are some more pictures and a little more about the birth.

First of all, this labor was WAY easier and shorter than Aaron's 27 hour labor. Here's a timeline:

8:00 pm: Had first contraction. They came about every 10 minutes or so if I was walking around, less frequently if I was sitting down.

10:30 pm: Watched some TV with Alex. Only had one contraction the whole time.

11:00 pm: Tried to get some sleep. Darn contractions kept me up though; roughly every 10 minutes or so.

12:00 am: Suddenly they're about 5 minutes apart, soon even less.

1:00 am: Called the nurse midwife. I didn't feel like anything was imminent, but I was ready for some pain relief (on a side note, I had no pain at all in between contractions, which was totally different than the first time, when I was in constant pain). She said I sounded admitable, and that they'd watch me for about an hour to make sure I was in active labor. Meanwhile, I was getting shaky and crying, and somewhere in the back of my mind thinking, Isn't this what happens during transition? But there's no way I'm in transition... So we left for the hospital.

2:00 am: Checked in to the hospital. Contractions were coming fast now. They took me to the triage room and checked me, and the nurse just said, "Quick, let's get her back in the wheel chair!" So I asked her how dilated I was. 9 cm. What?? How did that happen?? I mean, it was painful, sure, but I thought there was no way I was at 9 cm already! I wasn't even in as much pain as I had been with Aaron at like 5 cm.
So they raced me to the Labor and Delivery room, got an IV in me (it was rushed, so the nurse kind of made a mess of my arm...), and barely had time for a spinal block (it was too late for an epidural). A few minutes of pushing later and...

2:35 am: Sean is born!

Yes, 30 minutes from hospital check-in to baby. I still can't believe it. I'm just glad we got there in time for the spinal; pushing a 10 pounder out without it wouldn't have been very fun!

So far Sean is a great baby. He loves to nurse and he loves to cuddle.

Mommy, Sean, and Aaron (Daddy is behind the camera)

Just chillin' in the swing at home

Aaron is adjusting slowly but surely. When we first brought Sean home he was a little panicked, but I think he's realizing that Sean is part of the family now and that Mommy and Daddy still have plenty of love and time to play and cuddle with Aaron too. He's still pretty freaked out by the nursing though; I hope he'll get used to it soon.

Aaron brought a teddy bear for Sean in the hospital; here he is giving him kisses with the bear.


Aubrey said...

Congrats! Sean is adorable. I'm glad things were easier for you the second time round. Call when you're feeling up to it and Alex and Celeste can play again.

sam c.hart jr said...

Glad everything went so much faster and easier this time. It was very fast. Glad everything came in the right order. Sean is a beautiful baby. Hope you are feeling well soon.

Susan Young said...

Congrats guys. He is adorable. I'm glad it went so fast and everything went so well. We'll see you guys soon.